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How are the sandcastles made?

An artist sculpts a castle, a mould is created from the sculpture, and then a mixture of sand and a special resin (the recipe is top secret) is poured into the mould.

How durable are they?

Castles that were made more than 25 years ago, using the same process, are still around. However, they should not be thought of as cement, and corners can be chipped or rubbed off if handled roughly or dropped. When moving, pack them as you would a piece of ceramic or glass, being fairly gentle when wrapping.

Are they safe for furniture?

Yes. Every castle has a pad on the bottom to protect your furniture.

What size should I use for a sandcastle centerpiece?

To get an idea of how large a castle will appear on your table, form a cone from a piece of paper, using the same height and base dimensions of the castles you're interested in. You can raise a smaller castle up by placing it on a piece of wood covered with cloth, but keep in mind that the taller castles will also look more substantial. The most popular sizes for centerpieces are the 8"-11" tall castles.

Help me decide what color to get!

We think the white sand can be thought of as more elegant, which makes it great for weddings or any event near a white sand beach, and it goes well with flowers. The natural sand is more realistic, and perfect for a beach-themed event with seashells and other seashore decor.

Can I use a castle as a cake topper?

Yes, but we don't recommend putting them directly on the cake. Because they are made of sand, they do tend to "shed" a few tiny grains when handled, so frosting in that area might taste a little gritty. Also keep in mind that the larger castles are heavy. A piece of paperboard can help distribute the weight, as well as keep the sand off the cake.

How well do they hold up in water?

In very unscientific tests conducted here, we've kept castles dunked for up to a week and they held up fine (they'll look great for the entire day/evening at your special event). If they are completely submerged, you'll see hundreds of tiny bubbles form at the top of the castle, due to air pockets between the sand particles. They might be slightly more brittle when wet, but after being removed from the water and dried, they will be as solid as ever, and they may continue to look great for years to come - but we can't guarantee that the water won't permanently weaken the bonding of the resin even after the castle is completely dry. In other words, we don't know what the long-term effects are. We certainly don't recommend they be used as aquarium decorations.

Do you have a store?

Our catalog is currently only available online.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, orders of $500 or more will receive 10% off the price of the product (shipping charges are not discounted). You'll find that for events such as weddings, this discount along with our already low prices will put your cost well below anything you can get from our competition. In fact, we encourage you to shop around and compare prices and return policies before making your final decision. To get the discount, just order through the web site as usual, and the discount will be applied automatically.

Do you have any ideas for decorating?

Seashells, seaglass, candles, and flowers go well with the castles on special occasions. There are many sites with helpful "beach theme" tips, and our Gallery might give you some ideas.























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