How to build a Sand Castle!

Posted by Guy Aucoin on 18th Apr 2014

How to build a sand castle by Sand and Seashells

Get a team. The first thing to do is get a group of friends or relatives together to help. Try to avoid bringing people who are impatient or overbearing, as they will make it very difficult to work. The best people to bring are creative, strong, and calm people who are good at working in groups.

Find a beach. Once you've got your group together, it's time to find a good beach for your sandcastle. You should try to find beaches that don't attract lots of little kids, as they have a tendency to destroy things. Also, make sure your beach has lots of sand, because you're going to need as much as you can get.

Make a plan. You need to pick a good date if your sandcastle is actually going to become a reality. Weather that could be described as "dreary" is best, because it will keep you cool and help your castle stay strong. However, make sure that it isn't going to rain, as this can make building your castle uncomfortable and impossible. Most importantly though, is that everyone in your group needs to be free. Pick a date that works for everyone, and make sure everyone in your group knows that date. Sending out a short email with a date and directions to the beach is always a good way of getting everyone on the same page. Also, figure out who is bringing what. It's always a drag when you get to the beach and realize no one brought any buckets.

Get a location. When the big day comes, you should try to get to the beach early. This will give you time to scout out a good place for the castle before the beach gets crowded. Your castle will do best if it's right above the high tide mark, because the sand will be wet but waves won't pose a threat. Also, make sure your sandcastle isn't in anyone's way. Although you may think your recreation of the pyramids is perfect, a lot of people will disagree if it blocks the path to the bathroom. Remember, beaches are for everyone, not just you.

Start building. The most important step when building your castle is to make a strong foundation. Without a solid base, your castle will collapse before you can finish it. To make the foundation, lay a layer of wet sand over the area your castle will cover. Then, pack the sand down. You can do this by patting it with your hands and feet, pounding it with a spade, or even rolling the bucket over it. Repeat this step until you have a good, strong, base that will hold the weight of your castle.

Pile the sand up. After your foundation is done, build a pile of sand as big as your castle will be. If you plan on having a six foot tall fortress with an 8x8 base, build a pyramid that big. This is essential if you want a good looking castle, as you'll see in the next step.

Carve it down. After you have a good sized pile of sand, start carving and moving the sand to look like the castle you want. If you want spires and things like that, this is the time to add them. Remember that the narrower something is, the stronger the sand will have to be. By starting at the top and carving your way down, you won't run the risk of damaging your sculpting with your feet. While working with the sand, keep it moist by spritzing it with a mister bottle. This keeps the sand sticky and makes it easier to work with. Make sure to pack all the sand well, and remember to completely finish the top before moving down. Unless you want to sculpt the whole thing all over again, this is your only chance to add details.

Add the finishing touches. While carving the castle down, add shells, flowers, and other decorations if you want to. Remember that once you carve a section, you won't be able to get to the section above it, so take it slow and think about what you want to do. Adding dry ice will produce a mist, which can add a lot to the visual impact of your castle. Framing it with a moat can do the same thing.

Enjoy it. Your castle won't last forever, so take some pictures for your friends who couldn't make it. Seeing what you did will often convince more people to join you allowing for even more impressive sculptures. If people ask questions about it, tell them as much as you can. Keeping a public image as a friendly, knowledgeable person who cares about their work can deter others from damaging your castle.

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